Rosshandler Bulletin Series

Merging small municipalities

A new Taub Center study maps out a plan for municipality amalgamation that could lead to savings of more than a hundred million shekels, along with improved service to residents.

Israel’s treatment of insolvent debtors

A new Taub Center study on Israel’s treatment of debtors finds that the current system imposes unnecessary hardship on debtors and that relief is elusive.

Israelis working more, making less

Israel has relatively low employment rates and those who are employed work more hours than is common in the West – but produce less per hour.  Hence, average Israeli incomes are lower than would be expected given the country’s innovative ability.

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Hot Issues in Israel’s Healthcare System

This brief provides background and context on major healthcare issues currently under discussion in Israel, including the provision of private healthcare services in public hospitals, growth in private insurance and government hospital ownership.

From: HealthPolicy Briefs


State of the Nation in Pictures 2013

A book of pictures containing 66 readily accessible graph and tables based on Taub Center research – one per page accompanied by a brief explanation.
From: Periodicals


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Taub Center Conference

Causes and Consequences of Inequality

As part of the Herbert M. Singer Conference Series, the Taub Center hosted a unique symposium with two of the leading researchers worldwide in the area of income inequality.  The speakers presented cutting edge research on the reasons for the recent surge in income inequality in most advanced economies.


Featured Publication

State of the Nation Report – Society, Economy and Policy 2013

From: Periodicals 23 Nov 2013

This year’s annual State of the Nation Report 2013 is now available on-line.


Data Sets

Download Data Sets by Subject

The center presents to the public electronic data sheets that contain categoriezed data