The 2003 Social Services Survey
Author: Yaakov Kop Policy Research

The Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel conducts an annual public opinion survey to examine the public’s views on various social policy issues.

The survey is a complementary tool to those used by the Center to analyze resource allocation for social services by reflecting the views of service recipients, that is, the public at large. This year, as every year, we varied some of the questions. We continued to ask certain questions without changing their wording in order to obtain an indication of trends in the public’s views on these social issues.

The survey questions fall into three broad categories:

1.   Questions relating to the respondents’ assessment of the overall social situation and changes that have occurred in it, with reference to the level of inequality and the social gaps.

2.   Questions relating to changes during the past year in the economic situation and the level of service that citizens enjoy, both generally and personally.

3.   Questions relating to the respondent’s attitude toward socioeconomic policy issues in matters that lie at the heart of the public debate. One may also regard the responses to these questions as a reflection of the respondents’ ideological and political preferences.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 2003, Yaakov Kop (editor).

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