Achievements and Gaps: The Education System in Israel – A Status Report
Author: Nachum Blas Policy Research

The study examines educational achievement gaps by sector and socioeconomic background. Gaps in enrollment rates and academic achievements are based on data from Israel as well as the results of international exams for students in formal education (ages 3-18). Findings indicate a continuous improvement – although the past few years have seen a noticeable slowdown – in student achievement for both Jews and Arabs, as well as a narrowing of the gaps between the sectors, especially within similar socioeconomic groupings. Nevertheless, the gaps between strong and weak students remain great, and in an international comparison, Israel ranks low for student achievement and high for achievement gaps. Enrollment rates for all students are close to the maximum, although in the youngest age groups (ages 3-4) and in the 17-year-old cohort, there are still notable differences between rates in the Jewish and Arab sectors, and in particular, within the Bedouin sector.