Adam Gamoran




Adam Gamoran

Adam Gamoran is President of the William T. Grant Foundation, and John D. MacArthur Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  At the Foundation, he leads initiatives to support research to improve the lives of young people ages 5 to 25, with emphasis on reducing inequality in youth outcomes and on understanding the use of research evidence in programs and policies that affect youth.


In a research career spanning three decades, Gamoran conducted a wide range of studies focusing on inequality in education and school reform.  He is the lead author of Transforming Teaching in Math and Science: How Schools and Districts Can Support Change (Teachers College Press, 2003) and editor of Standards-Based Reform and the Poverty Gap: Lessons for No Child Left Behind (Brookings Institution Press, 2007).  He also co-edited Methodological Advances in Cross-National Surveys of Educational Achievement (National Academy Press, 2002) and Stratification in Higher Education: A Comparative Study (Stanford University Press, 2007).  He chaired the Independent Advisory Panel of the National Assessment of Career and Technical Education for the U.S. Department of Education, served on the Board of International Comparative Studies of Education for the National Research Council (NRC), and currently chairs the NRC’s Board on Science Education.


He was twice appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the National Board for Education Sciences, and he is an elected member of the National Academy of Education and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  In 2013 he was honored with the Spencer Foundation Award for research on educational policy from the Association for Public Policy and Management, and in 2014, he received the Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award from the American Educational Research Association.