Adi Brender




Ph.D, Economics, Columbia University; MA, Economics and Business Administration, Hebrew University; BA Economics, Hebrew University

Adi Brender /
Economics Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Brender is head of the Macroeconomics and Policy Division at the Bank of Israel. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the Hebrew University, an M.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University. Dr. Brender previously worked in the International Monetary Fund, after which he joined the Research Division of the Bank of Israel and served as head of the Fiscal Section. In this position, Brender was responsible for the public sector field and dealt with analyzing the state budget and its macro-economic implications, taxation and allocations policy, and reforms in the area of pensions. Over the years, he has published many articles on the subject of fiscal policy, the labor market, and political economics, as well as participated in various committees and teams dealing with economic policy issues. Among his publications: “Government Policy with Regard to Young Parents” (2014); “Elections, Leaders, and the Composition of Government Spending” (2013); “The First Year of Operation of the Mandatory Pension Arrangement: Compliance with the Arrangement and Potential Implications on the Supply of Work” (2011); “The Impact of Pension Savings Arrangements in Israel on the Division of Income” (2011); “Predicting Government Tax Revenue and Analyzing Forecast Uncertainty” (2010); “Consolidation of New Democracy, Mass Attitudes, and Clientelism” (2009); “Taxation Rates on Income from Work in Israel in an International Perspective:  2008-2009” (2009); “How Do Budget Deficits and Economic Growth Affect Reelection Prospects? Evidence from a Large Panel of Countries” (2008); “The Effect of Changes in Labor Market Conditions on the Scope of Women’s Positions: Differences Between Voluntary and Involuntary Part-time Workers” (2008).