Alexander Aviram




MD, Hebrew University School of Medicine

Alexander Aviram /
Health Policy Program Fellow

Professor Aviram is a specialist in internal medicine, nephrology and medical administration, and he serves as Scientific Director of the Israeli National Institute for Health Policy Research. Professor Aviram has served in the past as Director of both Assuta and of Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv (which has since closed), and as Medical Director of Maccabi Health Services. He took part in the establishment and development of the dialysis unit at Hadassah. He likewise founded and directed the Department of Nephrology at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, which simultaneously serves Ichilov Hospital and Hakirya Maternity Hospital. Aviram was previously a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, and a research fellow at the Cardiovascular Institute of the University of California. In addition, Aviram served as Director of the Israeli Center for Dialysis and Transplants, as special advisor to the Director-General of the Ministry of Health, as Acting Director of the Tel Aviv Medical Center, as Deputy Managing Director of the Hadassah Medical Organization, as a member of the Health Council and of the Health Basket Committee and Chairman of the Supreme Food Council. He holds a PhD from the Medical School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.