Amir Paz-Fuchs




Ph.D, Welfare-to-Work Programs, Oxford University; BA, Law and Philosophy, Hebrew University

Amir Paz-Fuchs /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Paz-Fuchs is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sussex in England, and a research associate at the Center for Law, Justice and Society at Oxford University. He has headed two research projects relating to the challenges of the welfare state in the 21st century (Wolfson College, Oxford University) and the responsibility of the state and the limits of privatization (joint research with Prof. Itzhak Gal-Noor through the Center for Social Justice and Democracy of the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem). As part of the project at Van Leer, Dr. Paz-Fuchs initiated the Annual Report on Privatization and Nationalization in Israel, and was a co-writer of the report; he was also responsible for formulating the project’s position papers. He holds a Ph.D. from Oxford in welfare-to-work programs, and has a B.A. in Law and Philosophy (cum laude) from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He began his academic career by teaching in the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic Center, and the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Paz-Fuchs has published over twenty articles on welfare-to-work programs, social and economic rights, and the legal aspects of privatizing social services.