Anat Gafni




Anat Gafni

Anat Gafni grew up in Israel and moved to the USA after her army service. After obtaining her masters in mathematics and computer science from Boston University and her doctorate in computer science (from USC), she worked as an engineering and product management executive in startup companies as well as public companies in the fields of databases, storage management and cloud services.

Dr. Gafni was also the CEO and founder of InTouchTech, a company that used early smartphone and TV technology to provide an intuitive platform for social interactions to enhance the social lives of the elderly. In the course of her work, Dr. Gafni managed culturally diverse and highly distributed international teams of people across the US, South America, India, China, Japan, and several European countries. Management of multi-cultural teams across time-zones became both a love and an expertise, and she developed innovative methods for making this both fun and effective. In 2015, she returned to Israel and started pursuing her interests in social and socioeconomic issues through personal study, volunteer work and travel.