Arab Israeli Teachers in Jewish Schools and Jewish Teachers Working in Arab Schools
Author: Nachum Blass Policy Research

In Israel, Jewish and Arab Israeli education are separate.

The reasons for this separation are both practical and ideological. That division is required given the demographic, political and ideological realities. The policy since the establishment of the state was to preserve and strengthen Jewish identity amongst Jewish sector children, and accept – not always willingly – the existence of the national/ethnic identity of the Arab Israeli pupils. The ideological component was the more important of the two and is evidenced by the fact that even in places where a single education system could serve both populations – as in large mixed cities (Tel Aviv-Yafo, Haifa, Jerusalem, Acco, Lod, and Ramla) – there is still a complete separation between the two education systems.

This separation exists at all levels of the system and is reinforced in the State-religious and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) schools by specific directives that “recommend” in no uncertain terms not to allow the integration of Arab Israeli teachers.

This reality has many implications on various levels. On the educational level there is an intense influence on the supply and demand of teachers due to sector-specific restrictions. On the social level the main influence is the strengthening of segregationist trends between Jewish and Arab Israeli residents.

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