Assaf Razin




Ph.D, Economics, University of Chicago; MA, Economics, University of Chicago; BA, Agricultural Economics, Hebrew University

Assaf Razin /
Economics Policy Program Fellow

Prof. Razin was born on Kibbutz Shamir in 1914. He is a member of the Faculty of Economics at Cornell University in New York and professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University. He has a BA and MA in Agricultural Economics from the Rehovot branch of Hebrew University, and an additional MA in economics and a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago. Razin taught at the University of Minnesota and then at Tel Aviv University, and also served in several administrative posts in that institution: Chairman of the Economics Department, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, 1981-1986, and Deputy Provost 1993-1994. In 2001 he joined the Cornell University faculty and has served as a guest lecturer at many universities across the United States: the University of Chicago, Harvard University, Princeton University, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley, Yale University and Stanford University. He likewise taught at the London School of Economics and the University of Munich. Professor Razin served as a consultant in various institutions: the International Monetary Fund; the Bank of England; the Bank of Israel and the Honk Kong Monetary Authority. In 1979, he served a short time as Director of the Economic Planning Authority in the Ministry of Finance. In addition, he served as President of the Israel Economic Association and as External Director of Bank Yahav and of the First International Bank of Israel. Razin has written books and has published numerous articles in the world’s leading scientific journals, such as the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and Econometrica. His most recent publication was Understanding Global Crises, published by MIT.