Aviad Tur-Sinai




Post-Doctoral, Hebrew University, Ph.D, Economics, Tel Aviv University, 2010; MA, Accounting, Hebrew University, BA, Economics and Accounting, Hebrew University

Aviad Tur-Sinai /
Labor Policy Program Fellow

Tur-Sinai is a lecturer in Conflict Management and Resolution in the Social Science Faculty of Ben-Gurion University. Between 2007 and 2013,Tur-Sinai served as Senior Researcher in the Departmentof the Chief Scientistof the Central Bureau of Statistics. He has been a member ofvarious professionalforums, such as the Policy Forum on Vaccination in Israel in the Edmond J.SafraEthics Center, the Forum for Examining Israel’s Defense Budgetat the VanLeer Institute, and the Forumfor National Security Studiesat the Shmuel Ne’eman Institute. Likewise, Dr.Tur-Sinaiis a member ofthe Israel Economics Association, the Israel Psychometrics Association andthe Israel Gerontological Society. He holds a BAin Economics and Accounting,an MA in Accountingfrom the Hebrew University, completed a PhD in Economicsat Tel Aviv University(2010) and did post-doctoral research at Hebrew University. His research focuses onlabor and health economics, socioeconomics, phenomena such asagingand migration, urbaneconomics, defense economics andappliedeconometrics. His publications includeAdaptive Processes and Consumer Behavior under Uncertain Security Conditions (2009); Excess Education, Employment Mobility and Income Mobility among BA Recipients in Israel (with Dimitri Romanov and Galit Eismann, 2008); and, Employing Undergraduates and its Impact on Their Course of Studies (with Noam Zussman and Dimitri Romanov, 2007).