Baruch Ovadiah




Ph.D, Social Work, Hebrew University, 2005; MA, Education, Hebrew University, 1989; BA, Education and Sociology, 1958; BA, Social Work, The Hebrew University, 1961

Baruch Ovadiah /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Baruch Ovadia is head of a program that cares for children and youth with no family support, and is also a board member of the Forum for Social Policy (ESPAnet Israel), the Israeli Center for the Advancement of Social Justice, and the World Council of Jewish Communal Service. Today, he is a volunteer children’s ombudsman at the Israel National Council for the Child. He worked for many years as a social worker and educator, established and managed the Social Services Division in the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Clalit Health Services social work service. Together with Prof. Reher of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, Dr. Ovadia established the international program for promoting social work leadership in the health system, and initiated the first International Social Work Conference in health and mental health care. Dr. Ovadia has served as deputy supervisor of hostels (education and care) in the Youth Protection Authority of the Ministry of Welfare, Chair of the Israel Council of Social Welfare (ICSW Israel) and a member of the editorial board of its journal Prevailing Opinion, and chair of MATAV, an association providing nursing services and programs. In the past, Dr. Ovadia was a lecturer in the Department of Behavioral Sciences in the academic track of the College of Administration, where he established the Master’s degree curriculum in family studies, and an adjunct teacher at the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. He holds B.A. degrees in education and sociology (1958) and social work (1961), an M.A. degree in education (1989), and a Ph.D. in social work from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2005).