What can be Learned from the Economic Policies of Other Countries in Response to the Corona Epidemic?
Author: Zvi Eckstein Benjamin Bental and Sergei Sumkin

Lessons from the first wave

In this Special Policy Paper, co-written with the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy, the authors compare Israel’s fight against the first wave of the pandemic with that of other countries and show that, while the infection rate in Israel was similar to that in other countries, the mortality rate was lower. Compared to Austria, by the end of May about 80% of the mortality gap can be ascribed to Israel’s younger population, while the remainder is due to advantages in the health-care system and some particular Israeli behavioral modes. We find that under a conservative assumption concerning the infection rate, the cost of a life-year saved in Israel exceeds that inferred from the Israeli health-basket committee’s decisions on the inclusion of new medical technologies.

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