Israel in international comparison
Author: Alex Weinreb

How does Israel compare in terms of coronavirus infections per capita and deaths per capita with other OECD countries?


page-01 (1)This page contains graphs, updated regularly (latest 6.May.2020), that describe coronavirus infections per capita and deaths per capita in the 36 OECD countries plus Taiwan.

I use data from the CSSE at Johns Hopkins, merging them with UN population estimates from 2019. The graphs are divided by region within the OECD. Graphs on the left are infections per capita, and graphs on the right are deaths per capita (note the different scales on the Y-axis).

From an Israeli perspective, the general result of these comparisons is clear. In terms of infections per capita, Israel’s rate is close to the average for Western and Southern European countries, and is higher than almost all Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. In Europe, Israel’s infection rate most closely tracks Germany. Moving beyond Europe, the trajectory of Israel’s infections per capita was virtually identical to that of the US from mid-March until early April, and has shot well beyond Australia, New Zealand, and East Asian OECD countries.

Infections are now on the right trajectory. As we show in our more detailed focus on Israeli statistics, the current rate of increase in Israel is below 0.5% per day. That means less than 50 new cases per day.

There is even better news for Israel in terms of deaths. Per capita mortality from coronavirus in Israel is less than 10% of the level in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK, less than 20% of the level in the US, and Sweden. And it is also lower than in Germany or Finland, both lauded for their performance during this epidemic.

Israel and European OECD countries
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Israel and non-European OECD countries

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