Looking back on 70 and welcoming 71
Author: Taub Center Staff

How did we get here? These are some of the social and economic trends that will continue to be relevant as Israel turns one year older

As we near Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, this video summarizes some of the most important socioeconomic findings to come out of the Taub Center during the country’s 70th year – in essence, it presents a picture of the nation at this important milestone. Many of these trends continue to be extremely relevant as Israel celebrates its 71st birthday, and our newest research studies expand and build upon these findings:

  • The standard of living has continued to grow in Israel, as has the country’s GDP. However, growth potential is declining, in large part because Israel’s labor productivity is not growing at all.
  • Rates of poverty and inequality in Israel remain among the highest in the OECD. While the share of families living in poverty has remained fairly stable over the past number of decades – at about 20% – trends in poverty policy and material assistance to impoverished families have changed over time.
  • Israelis are spending more and more out-of-pocket on their health. This is an indication of larger structural challenges in Israel’s healthcare system that stem from the level of health funding and the system’s public-private mix.
  • There has been an increase, particularly in Arab education, in the share of high school students studying in high technological tracks – which may have an impact on the ability to integrate into high-paying professions in the future. However, there are still large differences in the share of students studying in high technological education across sectors and genders.
  • While employment rates have increased overall, not all population groups are reaching the 2020 employment rate goals set by the government – Arab Israeli women are nearing the target of 41%, yet Haredi men remain far from the target of 63%, with a current employment rate of about 48%.

Keep an eye out for the Taub Center’s upcoming Picture of the Nation 2019, generously supported by the Koret Foundation. This annual publication is a comprehensive, user-friendly booklet featuring graphs and accompanying descriptions that together will present a picture of the state of Israel’s society and economy today.

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Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!

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