Research Administrator
Author: Taub Center Staff

January 2018


The Research Administrator is responsible for overseeing all logistical and project management aspects of the Taub Center research program. He/she serves to plan, delegate and implement each step of the production of the Taub Center research from start to finish. This includes developing schedules and project plans, ensuring that the research team is guided by and on track with meeting deadlines, coordinating regular meetings of the research team, tracking in-house and external researchers’ progress, and providing regular updates to all relevant parties including management, editing, and marketing staff on the status of each project. This position could be part time.

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing schedules for and monitoring progress on the completion of each research study, based on input from researchers and other relevant departments
  • Coordinating between research, publications and marketing departments to ensure smooth process of research publication and timely releases of studies
  • Creating written plans with clear objectives
  • Brining to the management’s attention any delays or substantial challenges that may disrupt timelines and helping to troubleshoot solutions
  • Delegating relevant tasks to Taub Center staff members
  • Creating regular status updates on each research study
  • Coordinating presentations and handling logistics for regular research meetings


  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • At least one year of project management experience
  • Exceptional levels of organization and attention to detail
  • Proven ability to build relationships with and effectively manage and motivate colleagues
  • Able to work effectively both independently and in teams
  • Effective communication in both English and Hebrew

To apply, please send your resume to

The Taub Center is an equal opportunity employer.

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