Viral Economics – The Social and Economic Aspects of the Pandemic
Author: Taub Center Staff

Research, data and commentary by Taub Center experts on the coronavirus outbreak

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Special report: Impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of Israel’s futureThe Jerusalem Post, based on “Picture of a Nation 2020”

Bulletin Article:  The coronavirus trajectory in Israel: planning, luck, and unintended consequences

Research: The War on Coronavirus and Its Financing by the Israeli National Health Insurance

How to actually read and understand the data presented in the media? Reading coronavirus: pandemic ABCs

ResearchAnticipating the Total Mortality Impact of Coronavirus in Israel

Carmel Blank: The coronavirus is also affecting gaps in early childhood

Why is Israel’s coronavirus mortality rate so low? In part, age structure

Taub Center Director General Suzanne Patt Benvenisti writes in The Times of Israel: Distance learning must be accessible for all

In our blog: Will Israel’s vital workers during coronavirus be vital workers in another 20 years?

Bulletin Article: Why do Israeli parents struggle to find work-life balance?

Nachum Blas wondered: Will we miss the opportunity to lower the number of students per class to 25?

Commentary on Israel’s COVID19 Stimulus Package :Prof. Avi Weiss on i24 News



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