Boni Goldberg




MA, Social Work and Criminology, Hebrew University;

Boni Goldberg /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Ms. Boni Goldberg serves as the director of the Community Services Administration of the Jerusalem Municipality. Ms. Goldberg received her master’s degree in Social Work and Criminology from the Hebrew University and has completed advanced courses in executive training and development through Elka, a program of JDC-Israel. Her main responsibilities at the Jerusalem Municipality are social services, public health, immigrant absorption and employment. Previously she headed the Jerusalem Municipality’s Social Services Department as well as the Jerusalem and Southern District of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. In the framework of her work, Ms. Goldberg has represented Israel in three Aliyah Fairs. While working at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, she represented the Ministry as part of professional delegations abroad. Ms. Boni Goldberg has lectured at professional conferences in Israel and abroad, chaired panel discussions, and taught courses in professional training workshops for managers in social services departments and schools of social work