Development of Preschool Education in the Israeli Arab Sector
Author: Farid Abu-Gosh, Shlomit Canaan Policy Research

There are 45,000 Arab children in Israel in the 3 and 4-year age group. Only about 15,000 of them are enrolled in some kind of educational program outside the home; the remainder, about 30,000, are not in any educational framework.

In view of the shortage of preschool education services, most Arab children reach formal education inadequately prepared to cope with the demands of school. Providing preschool education is also an important factor for tackling the basic problems of Arab society, some of which are connected with the transition from traditional to Western patterns. The program proposed here is based on establishing an extensive system of kindergartens, family nursery schools, and training facilities designed for the plan’s implementation.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 1988-1989, and is available upon request.

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