The Education System – 2006
Author: Yaakov Kop (editor) Policy Research

This year’s chapter reviews developments in the education system over the past decade (1995–2005) with emphasis on two main dimensions: major developments in enrollment and the teaching force, and analysis of the resources allocated to the system.

The first part of the analysis deals with major changes in the first of these dimensions — changes that affect the character and the quality of the education system. The major developments of the system are not new and have been assessed in the past. Nevertheless, because of their importance it is necessary to review them, briefly, in order to obtain a clearer understanding of these developments and their effects. The second part of the survey focuses on resource allocation to the education system: the budget, characterization of the resources, and the developments of recent years.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 2006, Yaakov Kop (editor).

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