Eitan Regev /
Senior Researcher

Dr. Eitan Regev is an economist and senior researcher at the Taub Center. He is regarded as one of the leading experts on the Haredi economy in Israel.

Eitan holds a Ph.D. in economics from Hebrew University, a Master’s degree in economics (cum laude, research track) from Hebrew University, and a Bachelor’s degree, also from Hebrew University, with a double major in economics and international relations. Prior to his arrival at the Taub Center, Eitan worked as an economist in several government ministries, including the Ministry of Health’s budget division.

Eitan’s research encompasses a variety of fields, including labor productivity, the Haredi economy, the cost of living, food insecurity, and the Israeli health system. In the years 2011-2014 he co-authored the health chapter in the Taub Center’s State of the Nation Report.

In 2015, together with Gilad Brand, Eitan published a breakthrough study on labor productivity in Israel, which succeeded for the first time in identifying the industries responsible for the large, and widening, productivity gaps between Israel and the OECD.

Research on the Haredi economy: In 2013 Eitan published a seminal paper about education and employment in the Haredi sector, for which he developed a new and more accurate method of identifying the Haredi population in datasets. In 2014 he published a follow-up research paper  that analyzed the economic conduct of Haredi households in Israel, and the sources of their incomes.

In 2016, he co-authored an evaluation research for the Council for Higher Education which assessed the achievements of the five-year plan to integrate Haredi students into academia. Later that year, he published an in-depth study on the challenges of Haredi integration into higher education. His new research on the patterns of Haredi integration into the labor market will be published later this year (2017).

Eitan represents the Taub Center in various forums and presents the Center’s research to a variety of audiences, including through op-eds and TV and radio interviews. His is a regular columnist on the Hebrew website Kikar Hashabbat and on the Times of Israel blog. Eitan’s PhD dissertation investigates the impact of changing economic incentives (such as the negative income tax) on the scope of employment among different population groups, given their different preferences regarding consumption and leisure time.