Formulating Social Policy in Israel: Trends and Issues
Author: Uri Aviram, Johnny Gal, Yosef Katan Policy Research

This compendium focuses on the design of social policy which is a central component of public policy. An examination of the relevant literature shows that there is not only a lack of clarity in the definition of the concepts of policy, public policy and social policy but also a fair amount of disagreement regarding their areas of concern.

Policy setting is characterized by priority setting, by choices between options and by decision making that directs activities and behaviors in all aspects of daily life. It is important to emphasize, though, that not making a decision also reflects a policy decision.

The papers in this compendium examine a wide range of examples of policy making in different areas of social policy, expose the different alternatives that the Israeli welfare state has tried, discuss the factors that have influenced these policies, and point to the contradictions behind policies that are a reflection of the development of social policy in Israel in the areas of various social services.

This publication is in Hebrew only.

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