Formulating Welfare Policy in Israel, 2000-2005
Author: Avraham Doron Policy Research

A series of factors influenced the formulation of welfare policy in Israel since the beginning of the new decade.

Among the principle factors were:

  • the political ideological changes in the years 2000-2005;
  • the radical change in the welfare system;
  • organizational changes in the welfare system itself that have been instituted in the past few years;
  • programmatic changes that were introduced in many welfare programs with the purpose of changing the long-term characteristics and basis of these programs;
  • and, the wide-ranging state initiated cutbacks in the majority of social programs and social safety net.

This paper appears as a chapter in the book Formulating Social Policy in Israel, Uri Aviram, Johnny Gal and Yosef Katan (editors).

This paper is in Hebrew only.

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