Government Expenditure on Social Services 1994-1995
Author: Joel Blankett, Yosef Kattan, Yaakov Kop, Dalit Nachshon-Sharon, Jimmy Weinblatt Policy Research

The State Budget reflects the government’s priorities in its policy goals: the Budget Law stipulates the sums that the government intends (and is entitled) to spend in a given year and distributes these expenditures among various activities. Therefore, an analysis of these outlays and their components may illuminate the policies that are implemented when resources are allocated to the various spheres.

This report analyzes actual government outlays for social services in 1994 and the budget for 1995. The findings are analyzed in the context of development in the 1980s and 1990s.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 1994-1995, and is available upon request.

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