Haggay Etkes




Ph.D, Economics, The Hebrew University, 2008; MA, Modern Middle East, Tel Aviv University, 2003; MA, Economics and Economic History, London School of Economics, 2001; BA, Economics and Middle East, Tel Aviv University, 1991

Haggay Etkes /
Labor Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Etkes is an economist specializing in the labor market and welfare, and he works in the Department of Macroeconomics and Policy at the Bank of Israel. Dr. Etkes teaches in the Department of PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the departments of Economics and the Middle East at Tel Aviv University (1999), and has an M.A. in economics and economic history from the London School of Economics (2001), an M.A. in the modern Middle East from Tel Aviv University (2003), and a doctorate in economics from the Hebrew University (2008). Etkes’ fields of interest and research are economic ties between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and the labor market in Israel. One of his important research studies is on the effects of employment in Israel on the Palestinian workforce (2011). Among his publications:”When Trade Stops: Lessons from the 2007-2010 Gaza Blockade”, Journal of International Economics; “The Impact of Employment in Israel on the Palestinian Labor Force”, Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy; “Private Law Enforcement, Fine Sharing, and Tax Collection: Theory and Historical Evidence”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.