Haim Shani




MA, INSEAD Business School in France; BA, Industrial Engineering and Management, The Technion

Haim Shani /
Economics Policy Program Fellow

Haim Shani is chair of the British-Israeli Technologies Centre, and a partner in the IGP technology investments fund. Between 2009 – 2011 he served as Director-general of the Finance Ministry. He was also Chair of the Centralization Committee, the committee established by the Israeli government in 2011 to formulate solutions to the problem of centralization in the economy. He holds a B.A. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion, and an M.A. degree from INSEAD Business School in France. Shani previously held senior positions in the field of high-tech and technology, among them CEO of Nice, and VP of Marketing, Sales and Global Business Development at Orbotech.