Have the Achievements of the Education System Deteriorated
Author: Nachum Blass Policy Research

It is customary to think that the education system has experienced a deterioration in the past few years and it is quite acceptable to point to a number of assumed indicators of this decline.

The current work is not meant to prove that the situation in the education system is satisfactory. The achievements of pupils in Israel on international tests are low; the educational gaps between pupils of different social status are very large; the school climate leaves much to be desired, encourages superficiality and is often affected by violence.

Still, an examination of the data and the achievements of the education system over the past decade do not point to a process of deterioration, and, in certain areas, the opposite is actually the case. It is quite possible that in view of the prevailing economic, social, and political reality, the fact that the achievements of the education system have not fallen stands as a tribute. Exaggerated and inappropriate criticism will not help advance the system and is likely to contribute to depression and despair that is out of place.

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