The Health System – 2001-2002
Author: Yaakov Kop Policy Research

This chapter surveys various developments in the health system. As an introduction to the survey, we present the state of health of the Israeli population as determined by several indicators and compare it with the situation in other developed countries.

We then examine national expenditure on health and the funding of the health system. Developments in the hospitals and health funds gives a picture of overall changes in health care, and the degree to which the health system meets users expectations and needs is also explored. The remaining sections of the survey deal with specific sectors of the health system, with emphasis on developments in the past year. In addition, we will devote a separate discussion to trends in the use and regulation of medicines, dental health care, and mental health care.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 2001-2002, Yaakov Kop (editor).

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