Ibrahim Mahajne




Post-Doctoral, Social Work, Tel Aviv University; Ph.D, Social Work, The Hebrew University; MA, Social Work, The Hebrew University; BA, Social Work, The Hebrew University

Ibrahim Mahajne /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Mahajne coordinates the “social policy studies” cluster at Safed Academic College. In the past, he headed the Social Work Department at Al-Quds University. He has also been a lecturer at the School of Social Work at both the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. Dr. Mahajne completed all of his degrees with honors at the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University. He completed his post-doctorate at Tel Aviv University under the late Prof. Yossi Katan. In the course of his academic career, he has been awarded many scholarships and prizes from top institutions, among them the Rabin Center for Peace Research, the Minerva Center for Human Rights, the Harry S. Truman Research Institute, the Luxembourg Fund, the Dirasat Arab Center for Law and Policy, and the Supreme Monitoring Committee for Arab Affairs in Israel. Dr. Mahajne has published numerous articles in professional journals, and continues to research and study the field of social policy in an age of globalization, the formation of welfare policy in the National Palestinian Authority, and welfare policy towards Arab society in Israel. Today, Dr. Mahajne is studying poverty in Arab society in Israel: the characteristics of impoverished Arabs in Israel, patterns of coping with economic hardship among poor Arab families, the organization of the natural support system for the benefit of the poor in Arab society in Israel, civil society in Arab society in Israel as a safety network for the poor, and the approach of the Israeli social security system towards the Arab poor.