Isaac Friedman




Ph.D, Educational Administration, The Hebrew University

Isaac Friedman /
Education Policy Program Fellow

Prof. Friedman is head of the M.A. degree program in the administration of education systems at Achva College. He has a Ph.D. in education administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the past, he was Director of the Henrietta Szold Institute, and was also a senior researcher there. Prof. Friedman was an Associate Professor of the School of Education at the Hebrew University, and head of the Students Department in the Ministry of Education and Culture. He was a member of the initiative for applied research in education until 2010. His fields of research and expertise are the psychometric examinations, measurement and assessment of social and educational programs, organizational psychology in public administrative systems (particularly in education systems), contacts between parents and school, and community schools. Prof. Friedman has recently been focusing on the implications of brain studies on education systems, teaching, and learning, with the aim of improving the training and performance of teachers.