January 2011 Bulletin

In 1990, there were only 2,500 “foreign workers” in Israel. Two decades later, one in seven workers in the country’s business sector is not Israeli.

The large influx of these unskilled and uneducated workers has coincided with increased difficulties for less educated Israelis in the local labor market. One of the articles in this Bulletin that relates to this issue focuses on non-employment among Arab Israeli men with up to ten years of schooling. The sizeable presence of foreign workers reflects just one symptom of the lack of a serious, comprehensive national program to deal with increasingly severe labor market issues confronting the country. Further work at the Taub Center that will appear in the next State of the Nation Report – and will be highlighted in upcoming Bulletins – delves deeper into matters such as the increasingly prevalent problem of the working poor in Israel. As always, suggestions and comments on our work are welcome.