Leah Ahdut



Intra-Generational Income Transfers in Old-Age Insurance
Basic Commodity Subsidies and Income Distribution


MA, Economics, Hebrew University; BA, Economics and Statistics, Hebrew University

Leah Ahdut /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Professor Leah Ahdut is a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics and Management of the Ruppin Academic Center, and a member of the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. In her years of public service, she directed research departments of the National Insurance Institute, was the Director of the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the Israel National Labor Federation (1996-1999), served as Deputy Director of Research and Planning and a member of the executive board of the National Insurance Institute (2001-2006). Professor Ahdut has combined activity in the field of social policy with research in the areas of social security, the labor market and issues of poverty and income distribution. She has been charged with preparing the Report on Poverty and the annual National Insurance Institute survey. As a member of the National Insurance Institute management, she headed committees that dealt with developing information and research infrastructure, as well as social enterprises within the community. She was also a member and observer in public and governmental committees, and represented Israel in international forums in her fields of expertise. She holds an MA in economics and a BA in economics and statistics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During 1990-2006, she was a member of the Luxembourg Income Study Board and was the National Insurance Institute representative on the research committee of the International Social Security Association (ISSA). In 1995, Ahdut represented Israel in the UN preparatory committee of the Copenhagen Summit for Social Development. Ahdut serves on the editorial board of the Social Security Journal, and was its Associate Editor from 2004 to 2006.