March 2013 Bulletin

To a large degree, Israel’s recent elections reflected a sort of second round for the 2011 social protests, with the desire for substantive change highlighted in the election of 48 new MK’s from all sides of the political spectrum who have now become a part of the 120-member Knesset assembly.

On the one hand, Israel’s socioeconomic situation in recent years is relatively good when compared to Western countries that still have not emerged from the deep recession. On the other hand, as the election results indicate, an increasing share of the public opinion has begun to internalize the magnitude and implications of the very problematic long-run socioeconomic trajectories that the country is situated on and is demanding fundamental changes while such changes are still possible. Israel’s core socioeconomic issues are the Taub Center’s primary focus and our findings and analyses on these issues are prominently displayd in the Center’s annual State of the Nation Reports and in other publications available on our website.