Michael Shalev




Ph.D, Industrial Relations, University of Wisconsin; MA, Industrial Relations Research, London School of Economics and Political Science; BA, Public Policy, Psychology and Sociology, Victoria University

Michael Shalev /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Professor Michael Shalev is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (and chaired the department 1999-2002) and the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has a BA in public administration, psychology and sociology from the University of Victoria in New Zealand, an MA in labor relation studies from the London School of Economics and a doctorate in labor relation studies from the University of Wisconsin. In 1979-1981 he served as lecturer at Tel Aviv University. He has been a researcher and visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley; York University; the University of North Carolina; Duke University; the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University; and the Middle East Center at the University of Washington in Seattle. Professor Shalev has been employed by the OECD as a consultant, and has written a monograph on the subject of strike trends in the western world. His book, Labour and the Political Economy in Israel deals with the history of the Labor Federation and the Israeli Labor Party. Shalev has also written on topics such as class politics in Israel, and class and gender inequality in Western countries. His publications include: “Class Divisions Among Women,” “Gender, Class and Varieties of Capitalism Perspective” (with Hadas Mandel), “The Welfare State Consensus in Israel: Placing Class Politics in Context”; and “Class Meets Gender in Comparative Social Policy .”