Michal Almog-Bar




Ph.D, Hebrew University, 2007

Michal Almog-Bar /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Almog-Bar is a lecturer in the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare. Her major research interests are social policy and public policy in Israel; the relationship between the welfare state and the non-profit sector; processes of policy formation and policy initiatives vis-à-vis the non-profit sector; the non-profit sector and civilian society in Israel; comparative analysis of non-profit organizations, and more. She holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2007). Her articles have been published in leading journals in Israel and abroad, and include: “Bureaucracy, Politics and Guaranteed Income: the Policy-making Process of the Israeli Guaranteed Income Act” (National Insurance Institute); “Involvement of Israeli Non-profits in Formulating Policy for Budgetary Enactments – a Disabled Child”, published in the Journal Hevra U’Revacha ]Society and Welfare]; and the book, The Non-Profit Sector in Israel: Between the Welfare State and Civilian Society, with Binyamin Gidron and Hagai Katz (The United Kibbutz Movement).