Mordechai Shani




Mordechai Shani /
Health Policy Program Fellow

Professor Shani is Dean of the School of Health Professions at the Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda, and serves as Chairman of the medical committee at the Medical Institute for Road Safety, which examines citizens’ eligibility to drive. For over thirty years, Professor Shani served as Director of the Sheba Medical Center. He was a member of the Netanyahu Committee for examining Israel’s health system, and the government commission appointed to formulate mental health reform in 2000. In 2005, he founded the School of Public Health at Tel Aviv University, which he headed for several years. Professor Shani served for a number of years as Chairman of the Health Basket Committee. In 2007, he founded Project Motke for the elderly population in Israel, including a website and Internet training courses for seniors at subsidized prices. In 1970, he received the Albert Schweitzer Prize for humanitarian activities in the Gaza Strip and Sinai. In 2009, he was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and contribution to the health system.