Nofar Gueta




    BA student, Political Science and Sociology, The Hebrew University

    Nofar Gueta /

    Nofar is a research assistant at the Taub Center and works alongside the Center’s researchers in various fields. For the previous two years, Nofar was an intern with the marketing and communications team at the Taub Center, on behalf of the Rothschild Ambassadors organization, and was a co-founder of “Knowledge for Change”, a project that helps to expose young people to the Center’s research. Nofar completed a BA (with honors) in Sociology-Anthropology and Political Science at Hebrew University. Currently, Nofar is pursuing a graduate degree in Sociology and serves as a research and teaching assistant. She is also the co-editor of the department’s  student magazine.


    Prior to her work at the Taub Center, Nofar worked as an analyst at an information technology company and at the Prime Minister’s Office, and volunteered at various organizations such as those working with asylum seekers and at-risk youth.