Personal Social Services – 1998-99
Author: Jimmy Weinblatt, Yosef Katan, Joel Blankett, Nachum Blass, Dalit Nachshon-Sharon, Yaakov Kop Policy Research

The personal social services focus on solving problems of individuals, families, groups, and communities that are unable or find it difficult to cope with various kinds of distress that seriously impact on their functioning and quality of life and impede their social integration.

These services serve the most vulnerable groups in Israeli society, such as children at risk, disabled or needy elderly, teenagers in distress, battered women, families in crisis, the disabled, the retarded, recent immigrants with adjustment difficulties, ex-convicts, and drug addicts.

Various service organizations are active in the arena of personal social services and are in charge of providing these groups with assistance, which includes advice, treatment, provision of information, mediation, instruction at the individual, family, and group levels, and material aid. These organizations also engage in developing, funding, and operating various community and institutional services: institutions, clubs, and day centers for the elderly, hostels and community housing for the retarded and the disabled, shelters for girls in distress and for battered women, clubs and afternoon centers for children, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, family counseling centers, and detoxification centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication, Israel’s Social Services 1998-99, Yaakov Kop (editor).

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