Popular Music in Israel
Author: Motti Regev Policy Research

Popular music is one of the arenas in which cultural pluralism or (as it has been called in recent years) multiculturalism in Israel has been most conspicuously reflected. Pluralism in popular music in Israel is more than a simple proliferation of musical styles that flows directly from the range of cultural contexts that make up the Israeli population. The principled commitment of much cultural endeavor in Israel to the consolidation of an authentic “Israeli culture” creates differentiation and hierarchy within this pluralism. The differentiation is between musical cultures that the popular music establishment perceives as main participants in defining “Israeliness,” on the one hand, and musical cultures perceived as marginal to this cause. The hierarchy takes shape as a result of balances of power among the various musical cultures that cause some of them to be perceived as more “Israeli” than others.

This publication is in Hebrew only.

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