Rami Sulimani




Ph.D, Education Research Centre at University of Sussex, England; MA, Social Sciences, Haifa University; MA, Criminology, Hebrew University; BA, Geography and Education, Hebrew University

Rami Sulimani /
Education Policy Program Fellow

For the past 40 years Dr. Rami Suleimani has been involved in educational and social issues, with the focus on children and youth at risk.


His activities include initiating and developing innovative programs in the fields of education, welfare and health, with the aim of managing risk and drop-out among children and teens who are under-achieving students, new immigrants and minorities. He is involved in developing the flagship programs of JDC-Israel, primarily: promoting the achievements of under-achieving students in “new educational environment” guidance classes; the PACT program – “Parents and Children Together,” to help advance Ethiopian young children and their families; and welfare and education programs in the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors. The flagship programs include “Better Together,” a community program for children and youth at risk, which reflects the transition to a system-wide approach that focuses its efforts on disadvantaged neighborhoods with a high proportion of children and teens.


Under Dr. Suleimani’s leadership, Ashalim has become a leading association in its field in Israel. The association’s “New Beginnings” early childhood program, which is part of the national program for children and youth at risk and in distress (implementation of the Schmid Report), is a practical expression of Ashalim’s professional standing in the educational and social action system in Israel.


Rami, the oldest son of immigrants from Iran, was born in the Kastina immigrant camp and educated at the Kanot youth village. He served as principal of the Science and Technology Education Center for Youth in Jerusalem, where JDC-Israel developed the “Mifneh” program for marginalized youth. As principal of the school, Rami led the development team and also supervised the program’s implementation during its first five years.


Rami holds a B.A. in Geography and Education, an M.A. in Criminology from the Hebrew University, an M.A. in Social Sciences from Haifa University, and a Ph.D. from the Centre for Education Studies at Sussex University in England. His doctoral dissertation dealt with the study of issues in the process of leading change within the education system. His research was published as a book, “They Are Learning Again,” published by JDC-Ashalim.

  • In November 1997 Rami was awarded the Knesset Speaker’s Quality of Life Award, in recognition of his achievements in promoting youth education in Israel.
  • On Independence Day, 2001, he received honorary citizenship from Kiryat Malachi, the town in which he was born. This was awarded for his numerous activities and contribution to promoting the education system and immigrant absorption in the town.
  • In 2012 Rami was included in the list of the 50 most influential educators in Israel, published in Ha’aretz newspaper.
  • In July 2014, Rami completed a National Security College course.


Rami is married with three children, and lives in Mevasseret Zion.