Ran Balicer




Ran Balicer /
Health Policy Program Fellow

Prof. Ran Balicer is a doctor and researcher, founder and Director of the Clalit Research Institute, a partner organization of the World Health Organization for the study and prevention of chronic diseases. In these positions, Prof. Balicer is responsible for initiating and implementing new approaches to the use of information and harnessing large and complex databases (Big Data) in the service of the patient and the organization, conducting research to assess the comparative effectiveness of interventions and treatments, and using advanced research and predictive modeling tools.  At the same time, he serves as director of the Health Policy Planning Department at Clalit Health Services, which is charged with forecasting future challenges to the health system and creating a response to them in the form of strategic cross-organization plans.


Prof. Balicer is a faculty member in the Department of Public Health at Ben Gurion University, subject coordinator in the MPH program, and has written over 100 scientific articles in his areas of expertise. Prof. Balicer is Chair of the Israeli Society for Quality in Healthcare, an advisor to the Ministry of Health in the area of emergency preparedness, and a board member of international organizations. In his position as advisor to the World Health Organization, Prof. Balicer serves as a senator in the group of senior advisors to the WHO Regional Office in the field of monitoring and prevention of chronic diseases, and plays an active role in shaping major policy documents in these fields for the organization’s European division.