Ratzon Arusi




Ph.D, Law, Tel Aviv University; MA, Law, Tel Aviv University; LLB, Bar Ilan University

Ratzon Arusi /
Health Policy Program Fellow

Rabbi Dr. Arusi serves as Rabbi of Kiryat Ono and heads the City’s Rabbinical Court for monetary law. He is also a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council of Israel. Rabbi Arusi holds a BA in Law from Bar Ilan University and an MA and PhD in law from Tel Aviv University. He teaches courses at Bar-Ilan on how Jewish law can impact secular law, and gives lectures on Jewish law (Halakha) throughout Israel. In addition, he is the founder and chairman of “Halichot Am Yisrael,” an organization that focuses on Jewish tradition. In the framework of that organization, Rabbi Dr. Arusi established the Moshe Institute for the research of Rambam’s teachings, which includes a publishing house for books concerning the Rambam’s teachings. Amongst the books published are Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof (two parts) – aggregated from radio lectures on topics relating to Jewish Law; Responsa Ratzon Yere’av – questions and answers on various realms of halakha and research into practical halakhic issues; Sichot HaRav BeNosei Ahdut Yisrael [The Rabbi’s talks on Jewish Unity]; and HaTorah VeChazon HaDorot [the Torah and the Vision of the Future] – analysis of the weekly Torah portion.