Rita Sever




Ph.D, Social-Cognitive Psychology

Rita Sever /
Education Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Rita Sever is a senior lecturer and senior researcher (retired) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the School of Education and the Research Institute for Innovation in Education.  She holds a Ph.D. in Social-Cognitive Psychology; is a member of the editorial board of the online journal Hagira (The Israel Journal of Migration); a member of the European Evaluation Society (EES) and the Israeli Psychometric Association (ISPA) council, and chair of the 2015 ISPA conference.


For many years, Dr. Sever has been involved in evaluation studies in social sciences and education, and research on coping with multiple cultures, migration and immigrant absorption. In the NCJW Institute for Innovation in Education, she established and directed a unit for the development, implementation and study of models addressing intercultural encounters in various areas of Israeli society. She also developed and/or directed intra-organizational evaluation units in both the non-profit and government sectors, and established new evaluation bodies in large non-profit organizations.


Today, she is an independent consultant to associations and government offices in determining policy, measurement and evaluation, migration, cultural diversity, multiculturalism, and excluded groups. She is a lector for a number of publishers and scientific journals, and writes opinions on research proposals and evaluation reports, position papers, project proposals, etc. Sever has presented at international conferences around the world, and participated in the Expert Meetings of the International Council of Social Work (ICSW). Her papers have been presented at international conferences in Israel and abroad, and published in books and journals. Among other things, she has authored the following chapters:

  • Evaluating Second Chance Educational Programs:   A Conceptual Framework”In:  Second Chance in Education (1990)
  • Learning from Experience? Israeli Schools and the Task of Immigrant Absorption” In:  Russian Jews on Three Continents, Migration and Resettlement. (1997)
  • Patterns of Coping with the Task at Schools” In: Children of Perestroika in Israel (1999)
  • Marginalization and De-marginalization of Immigrants:  Diversity-Management Strategies in Education” In:   Migration, Culture Conflict and Crime. (2002)
  • Evaluation and the Educational Counselor” In: Counseling in school in a changing society (2004) (Hebrew)
  • ”The Language of Integration – Using Active Encouragement of Mother-Tongue Maintenance and Inter-Cultural Bridgemaking to Enhance Immigrant Integration” In: Education in a Multi-cultural Society  (2007) (Hebrew)
  • “FSU Immigrants in Israel and the Israeli Education System  –  Systemic Policy and Patterns of Coping in the Field” In: Old Roots in New Soil – the adjustment of FSU immigrants in Israel in the new millennium (2012)  (Hebrew)
  • Extra Fragile in Disaster –People with Disabilities in a Bombarded Zone”  In: Disaster Management – Enabling Resilience (2014)
  • “ICT, Migrant Networks and Transnational Identity” In: Identity and Intercultural communication(Forthcoming)