Roni Strier




Post-Doctoral, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D, Social Work, Hebrew University

Roni Strier /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Roni Strier is a senior lecturer and head of the Organization and Administration M.A. degree track at the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Welfare Studies and Health at Haifa University. Dr. Strier completed his doctoral studies at the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University, and his post-doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He is the initiator and academic supervisor of the University of Haifa’s flagship project for combating social exclusion, the academic supervisor of the Haifa partnership program on addressing the cycle of poverty, and a researcher and senior advisor to welfare organizations on developing exclusive services for populations living in poverty and social exclusion. He co-authored the recommendations of the “Alternative Committee,” advising leaders of the summer 2011 protests. Since 2013, he has promoted an annual bi-national Israeli-American seminar with the University of Maryland, entitled “Social Justice?” His research focuses on poverty, social exclusion, social inequality against the background of cultural and gender differences, and community studies.


Among Dr. Strier’s publications: “Incorporating Critical, Anti-paternalistic Social Work in the Public Welfare Services:  From Rhetoric to Practice” (2013), with Sharon Binyamin; “The Policy Field: Reciprocal Relations Between the Government and Advocacy Organizations in the Field of Society and Welfare” (2012); and research and position papers on the subject of policy, poverty, and exclusion.