Shimshon Shoshani




Ph.D, Educational Administration, New York University; MA, Education, Tel Aviv University; BA, Literature and Bible, Bar Ilan University

Shimshon Shoshani /
Education Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Shoshani was the Director-General of the Education Ministry and Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education. He also served as director of the Education Youth and Culture Authority in the Tel Aviv Municipality, as CEO of the Jewish Agency and as CEO of Birthright Israel. In parallel, Dr. Shoshani has filled various public positions, including membership on the Board of Directors of the Van Leer Institute, Chairman of the Board of “Yad Ben Zvi” and Chairman of the Center for Educational Technology (CET). In addition, Shoshani was Chairman of the Association of Community Centers, Chairman of UNESCO, Israel, and Chairman of the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature. He holds a BA in Literature and Bible from Bar-Ilan University, an MA in education from Tel Aviv University, and a PhD in educational administration from New York University. In addition to the public positions he has held, Shoshani served as an adjunct lecturer in the Schools of Education at the University of Haifa, Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University. In 2002, he served as Chairman of the Shoshani Commission, which examined the budgetary system in elementary school education in Israel, and in 2003, he served as Chairman of the education staff at the Herzliya Conference. In 1988, Dr. Shoshani won the Education Prize from the city of Tel Aviv, and in 1996, he won the David Rozolio Public Service Prize of the Civil Service Commission.