Shlomo Barnun




Ph.D; MA, Operations Management, University of Pittsburgh; BA, Industrial Engineering and Management, Georgia Tech

Shlomo Barnun /
Health Policy Program Fellow

Shlomo Barnun is Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts. He earned a BA in Industrial Engineering and Management from Georgia Tech and an MA and PhD in Operations Research from the University of Pittsburgh. Professor Barnun has been a faculty member at Ben Gurion University and the University of Massachusetts and was a visiting professor at the University of California, Hebrew University and NYU. His main research and teaching interests have focused on various aspects of measuring and evaluating health care. His other academic publications have dealt with, inter alia, measuring the effectiveness of clinical decision-making; assessing quality of care amongst internists; assessing the reliability of physical examinations, and more. Likewise, Professor Barnun has also been involved with designing health systems such as hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical supply systems and hospital quality control. Professor Barnun has been a member of the editorial board of professional journals and has also served as consultant to both governmental and business organizations on a wide variety of issues affecting health policy making, implementation and assessment.