Sigal Shelach




Ph.D, Tel Aviv University; MA, Department of Labor Studies, Tel Aviv University; BA, Hebrew University

Sigal Shelach /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Shelach is the Deputy CEO of JDC-Israel and CEO of TEVET, the employment initiative of the Israeli Joint Distribution Committee and the Israeli Government for integrating new populations into the workforce, thereby removing them from the cycle of poverty. Shelach completed her BA at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, and her MA (with honors) and PhD in the Department of Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University. Her PhD thesis focused on the field of migration and employment.. In 2001, Dr. Shelach joined the research team of the Research and Economics Authority within the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and served as a senior researcher in various fields of the Ministry’s activities. Throughout her years there, she was involved in running programs to integrate populations in employment. In 2007, she joined TEVET, and supervised development of employment programs amongst Arab-Israelis, immigrants, and employer relations Since 2012 Dr. Shelach has served as the organization’s CEO.