The Acute Care Hospitalization System in Israel: From a Vision of Decentralization to a Centralized and Out-of-Control Reality
Author: Dov Chernichovsky, Roi Kfir Policy Research

The acute care hospitalization system in Israel is in a state of crisis, due to large gaps between the system’s needs and the public resources allocated to meet those needs, and due to the deepening involvement of the State in the system’s day-to-day management, which goes against the spirit of the National Health Insurance Law.

The study deals with the regulation of the hospitalization system and government involvement in it. The researchers conclude that the deficiencies in the regulation and the over involvement of the State impact negatively on the efficient use of resources and their accessibility to the public.

These deficiencies cast doubt on the value of investment in additional hospital beds, budget, and implementation of special programs led by the State (like the program to shorten waiting times), as long as these deficiencies have not been addressed.

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