Tova Cohen

Tova initially moved to Israel on a one-year internship program at the Taub Center funded by the Israel Institute. She has since made Aliyah and been hired as a full time project manager.  In her role at the Center, Tova oversees a variety of interdepartmental tasks, including work with both the research team and the dissemination team. In particular, Tova works in government relations, content writing, operations, and more.


This is her second extended period in Israel – Tova participated in Young Judaea Year Course in Israel from 2010-2011, during which she was selected for the “Year Course Manhigut Leadership Program,” volunteered with asylum seekers from South Sudan, and interned at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.


In 2014, Tova graduated from the University of Colorado, where she received her BA in political science and Jewish studies. During her time in University, Tova was an intern in the office of United States Congressman Jared Polis and was involved in the 2012 Barack Obama campaign on her campus.