Trends in the Development of the Education System: Pupils and Teachers
Author: Nachum Blass Policy Research

This chapter deals with two main topics: trends in the pupil population’s demographic composition and the characteristics of the teacher population following the New Horizon education reform agreement.

The chapter first presents the continuing slowdown in the growth rate of Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) education and Arab Israeli education, as opposed to the rise in the growth rate of official Jewish education. It goes on to describe the effect of the decision to implement the Compulsory Education Law for Ages 3-4 on the number of pupils in public preschools. Lastly, the chapter examines the effect of the signing of the New Horizon agreement on various characteristics of the teacher population, such as average age, job intensity, and wages.

This paper appears as a chapter in the Center’s annual publication State of the Nation Report 2013, Dan Ben-David (editor).

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